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Calloused heart

There’s this friend I meet in our local church and she told me things about getting used into something bad and it cause us to have a Calloused Heart.

It’s like not acknowledging that what you’re doing is wrong. Instead of saying sorry and asked for forgiveness, we justify our mistakes, our sins, and it leads to It’s-not-a-big-deal type of thing. I’m also guilty of having that calloused heart, and I’m trying my very best to acknowledge that what I did is wrong. No matter what my reason is, if I offend someone, it’s not a food thing.

Well, of course there’s pride. I think that’s the enemy. The thoughts in our head.





if a guy doesnt look at you like that on your wedding day something is wrong

these pictures literally made me eyes water.

I’m doing this :3

I really can’t wait for this day. To be with someone and know you’ll be together and there for each other forever is incredible.


I really love the way these look together. 


cool | Tumblr on We Heart It.


Paper pulp lamps by ThePaperMoonFactory